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How often do you get to see a GIANT rubber Alligator rampage through a wedding?! He only wanted some cake.

I love creature features. I love this movie, and Dave and I just re-watched it the other night so I thought I'd post up the wedding crashing scene. Plot wise this is the part when the creature takes care of the corrupt people of the city - the Mayor, the millionaire and the dodgy scientist guy (the groom!)

Now this scene is just plain silly, but it's one of the enduring memories of movie moments me and my friends were fascinated with when I was younger. What can I say, we were bloodthirsty children ;) I can tell you that this scene is even better in slow motion, or in rewind in slow motion (you can re-build the wedding cake!)

Most of the rest of the movie is actually quite good, the sewer scenes in particular are suspensefully shot, and I find Robert Forster (David Madison) to be rather attractive :)

I first saw this after a friend taped it off Moviedrome on BBC2. Anyone remember Moviedrome? Alligator was screened in 1992. Someone has compiled a helpful list of Moviedrome offerings here :)

Worst. Wedding. Ever.

100 favourite movie scenes
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