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Oooh - that's kind of annoying but also kind of good. Over the weekend we watched Antichrist and Frozen from Lovefilm and they're on tonight and tomorrow night! D: D'oh. On the plus side I can take a couple of films off my lovefilm list as they're on over the next couple of nights as part of FilmFour's Frightfest season :D

Frozen is on tomorrow - it was okay. It's one of those 'people in unlikely peril' movies that I don't strictly consider horror movies, like Adrift or Open Water. But with added wolves. I rented it mainly because I am on a nature-horror kick. I'd probably watch it again, but I wouldn't add it to my collection.

Antichrist is on tonight. The most notorious scenes aside, was better and more interesting than I expected it to be. Afterwards I said to Dave it oddly reminded me of a mix of The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, Misery and Pet Sematary all rolled into one. (Interestingly, two of those are Kubricks, and three are Stephen King novels. Hrm.) It's worth a watch if you can stomach the nasty bits. To be honest the most disturbing part for me was watching someone else having a panic attack. (And that FOX wtf!)
Again I would maybe watch it again, but I wouldn't add it to my collection. Dave might though, he likes his disturbing, arty horror.

Horror movies, I just can't quit you ♥

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