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Movies watched: (* notes a repeated viewing/reading)
A fair few horror movies this month because of the Fright Fest season on FilmFour 9we still have more we recorded to watch!)

JAWS* (1975)
Anna and the King (1999)
Fantastic Four* (2005)
Butterfly on a Wheel (2007) - Good, twisty plot.
Frozen (2010) - Peril with added wolves. (So for me, actually a little scary.)
Anti-Christ (2009) - Better than expected.
My Girl* (1991) (I finally own them on DVD)
My Girl 2* (1994) (I always wished they'd made a third one with her in college or something.)
The Last Exorcism (2010) - Not bad.
Sirens (1993) - Actually pretty sexy. Only time I have found Hugh Grant actually not annoying, probebly because he wasn't in it that much. :P
Zoolander* (2001) YES I will watch it everytime it is on!
The Lovely Bones* (2009)
Near Dark* (1987) I forgot that half the cast of ALIENS are in this movie! As vampires, now that was weird. D:
Confessions (Kokuhaku) (2010) - New favourite movie ♥
Audition (1999) - I finally got around to watching it properly. Not as shocking as I was led to believe, but maybe I've just become jaded.
X-Men (2000) - Dave's choice, I wasn't too taken with it.
F (2010) - I actually fast forwarded it to find out what happened, it was so boring D:
Repulsion (1965) - Pretty scary stuff, well I think 'jarring' was more the word.
Midnight Cowboy (1969) - I really liked it, and I still love the soundtrack : )
Gamer (2009) - As part of my 'Death Games' list inspired by BR/HG - better than I expected, the idea of 'live' Sims was entertaining, and it had added Dexter!
Precious (2009)

None. I've become addicted to watching documentaries about anything and everything on youtube while drawing.

Books/Comics: Another poor month ~
JAWS By Peter Benchley* - Summer always puts me in a 'watching JAWS' kind of mood and I decided to re-read the novel which I own in hardcover but haven't read since I was a young teen (I remembered very little about it) I have to say, it is not a great novel. And upon re-reading it I am even more amazed the film turned out so well in terms of likable characters. Quint is even more of an evil bastard in the book, Brody and Hooper are generally unlikable. Even Ellen is unlikable!
The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve - Pretty interesting concept and story.
Remember Me by Christopher Pike* - my trip down memory lane continues :)
Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa* - Still one of my favourite mangas, and I still tear up at the end! (The storage locker scene) :)
And now I'm re-reading Honey & Clover by Chica Umino (also one of my favourites!)

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